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HAWE Hydraulics

Pacific Fluid Systems is the west coast’s exclusive authorized distributor and build center for Hawe Hydraulics’ proportional valves. Located in Portland, Oregon; we are able to provide design and application assistance, engineering support and offer the largest HAWE Hydraulic valve parts inventory on the west coast. Our onsite engineering and manufacturing team has the capabilities to build prototype valve packages within a 24 hour period. With a large commitment to stocking common HAWE Hydraulic parts, we are positioned to respond quickly to service requests as well supply prototypes in a timely manner.

The vision of HAWE Hydraulics and Pacific Fluid Systems is to provide integrated control solutions for mobile and industrial applications. Hawe Hydraulics is recognized throughout the world as a quality provider of all-steel constructed, specialized hydraulic solutions. If you are searching for Parker hydraulics, Bosch Rexroth valves or Sauer-Danfoss hydraulics; consider HAWE Hydraulics as they are recognized as the worldwide technological leader in sophisticated high pressure hydraulic solutions.

HAWE Hydraulics apart from its competitors:

  • HAWE Hydraulics is the only major manufacturer that uses steel exclusively for all pressurized parts. No aluminum or cast iron. This means HAWE Hydraulic products are compact, durable, reliable and capable of withstanding pressures up to 700 bar.
  • HAWE Hydraulic valves were developed using a modular design concept. This allows easy design of simple or complex solutions, making HAWE a very flexible line for many hydraulic solutions.
  • HAWE Hydraulics has unique ZeroLeak technology. When HAWE says “Zero Leak”, they mean it! No drips, no drops, no drifting, no pressure drop.

There are many applications for HAWE Hydraulic components:

  • Lift Equipment – total systems solutions for all types of mobile lift equipment with compact valves that can be mounted in areas where most competitor valves won’t fit and “zero-leak” technology that prevents boom circuits from drifting.
  • Forestry Equipment – This line of high-pressure, compact, electro hydraulic control valves rivals the high pressure pumps used in the forestry industry today. These components are ideal for
    • Harvesting & processing heads
    • Grapplers
    • Knuckle boom loaders
    • Attachment controls on excavators
    • Delimbers
    • Feller bunchers
    • Harvesters
  • Industrial Equipment – Reduce cycle times with HAWE pre-fill valves which enable industrial presses to run faster. This highly efficient, cost-effective valve handles 1,585 gpm and maximum pressure up to 5,800 psi. The pre-fill valve components are ideal for bailers, presses and shears. HAWE’s Zero-Leak technology is ideally suited for machine tool clamping and other load holding applications.

Today, HAWE Hydraulics distributes products worldwide with 25 independent distribution partners. Pacific Fluid Systems is your west coast solution to HAWE support and sales. With our factory trained support team, we can design, repair and ship HAWE Hydraulic products very quickly. Due to our large inventory and product expertise, we can usually test, build and ship in as little as 24 hours for your emergency needs.

Leading HAWE’s product offering is the legendary PSL/PSV series modular stack valves. These valves are offered in 3 different ranges including a flange mount version:
-Flows to 120 GPM
-Pressures to 6,000 PSI
-Load sensing
-Pressure compensated
-Modular, machined out of solid steel and gas nitrided for corrosion protection.

The valves can be applied with either fixed or variable volume pumps and provides precision control, interference free operation and energy efficiency due to the load sensing principle.

For more information on Hydraulics PSL/PSV proportional valves please refer to the following technical documents;
Flows to 25 GPM – D7700-2   [pdf]
Flows to 60 GPM – D7700-3   [pdf]
Flows to 120 GPM – D7700-5 [pdf]